Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Freeman and Strawman Explained

The Freeman and Strawman Explained, This video explains who you really are. It's my assumption that a strawman wouldn't lack fiber in his stool. Everyone needs to know this stuff. stay away from the word 'person'. Use man or woman, A Canadian Court ruled that a word cannot be defined by a word ie natural/artificial person. All persons are fictions. The Capital lettering is to distiguish between legal and lawful. If you accept your name in all Capital letters and consent to it then it just means you allow legal commercial law to re present you. Otherwise in any legal action you would not consent to it.

The Birth Certificate is all to do with Maritime law. Same goes for the Family Law court. A marriage certificate means the government is involved in your marrital affairs. We are in a new form of slavery thats used by the Elites to control people. Using copyrighted laws, fake money called legal tender and dumbing people down so so they accept their situation as normal .Govt will multiply in size and powers whether it calls it admiralty or not. Far better to emphasize history of positive vs. negative rights theories of law, the real basis of law. The Founders didn't sit around arguing patriot mythology about "strawmen," they argued about rights, where they come from, and how to secure them by limiting government. And then they got up off their asses and fought the redcoats.

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