Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Freeman gets pulled and does not consent

Freeman gets pulled and does not consent BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 1 : DRIVER. One EMPLOYED in conducting a coach,carriage,wagon,or other vehicle NO CONSENT NO CONTRACT NO RULE Peace

No you cannot exempt yourself from common law. The written law statutory functions differently assuming the 'NAME' which is a presumption, they are fooled into thinking that names and words are the problem, but actually jurisdiction is the problem, but it doesn't help that nowadays most police do not even know the law. Even when practiced correctly you'd still have to deal with ignorant police which is a pain. So it is better to deal with their crap and later on work with paper exchanging letters when done properly you can rebut all their presumptions. When people are charged the presumption is used and they assume you are the trustee even in arrest situations. We are not really or we are not supposed to be under statutory jurisdiction, but most are registered with the STATE and have birth certificates on top of their This information is intentionally kept in the dark and there is too much disinfo out there because if we all really figured it out govt would lose a lot of their excess tyrannical power. That's why they always try to tell us we're powerless when in fact without us they are nothing they need us, but if we all figured this out we'd no longer be of much use as slaves. This works on paper and usually not in this situation because most police are actually ignorant of the law these days, but my opinion 9 out of 10 judges knows about this kind of thing and are just being told to keep their mouths shut. Also live birth records and birth certificates are not the same most have both we only really need the live birth record. Any govt agency etc will tell you birth certificates are NOT valid identification. They are not live birth records which they would have us believe these two are one and the same.They talk about "statute" as if it is not a law, playing word-games and semantics games. A "statute" is a law made by a legislative body, in the simplest terms. Wikipedia can be their friend here. Wiki-search for "statute." Additionally, the idea that you (or "your name") is made into some commercial entity (corporation) by birth certificates or whatnot is absurd. It's more semantics games. We can play verbal gymnastics all day. Then begins the laughable business of "Affidavits of Truth" or writing their name in red, or hyphenating names or de-capitalizing names. It's all absolute absurdity. We are *NOT* a democracy; we elect representatives who represent us and make laws on our behalf. Thus, these laws made by our representatives on our behalf carry with them the full authority of the people. While we may feel a disconnect between us the people and our elected officials, they are indeed lawfully elected representatives who have full constitutional authority (and jurisdiction) to legislate laws into effect that bind everyone in the jurisdiction, whether it be federal, state, county, or city. There is absolutely NO opting-out; no process exempts us from the law.

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