Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

Inspirational seminar given by Johnny Liberty. Frequent as necessary for full understanding. Johnny Liberty weaves complex and interesting concepts concisely! Enjoy!

lets all take some responsibility here. realize that we were the ones who let them in office. if not then was there not more that we could have done to prevent it? back to the military issue we have to invade other countries when we realize a uture threat because if not that threat becomes a reality. then we question why our govt didn't see this coming. we have to strategically place our military around the world in preparation for what could happen. you can bet your ass there are much more if we become self sufficient we become targets. if we cut our selves off from external sources then everyone who still depends on those sources are their slaves. these sources can then use their oil and resources to regulate these slaves into their own private army capable of a global threat. we must set up shop over seas to let them know look if you think about hitting our homeland were right here beside you waiting, so you better think twice, you have to look through to the bigger picture
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