Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sovereign citizens, of the United States

A group of people have begun to declare themselves sovereign from the United States government. The problem, they live inside the United States legally. The sovereign citizens have created original identification and declare their homes as embassies. J.M Sovereign God-sent is with Alyona, who you can guess, says he is sovereign from the United States.Obviously RT wants to discredit the sovereign movement. They always have the most unique and uneducated hippy on these shows to talk about being a sovereign citizen just to make them look like a bunch of looney tunes... I mean being a sovereign citizen is legal they need to put people on that can actually explain these laws. But they don't want that!! People understand that the 14th Amendment makes you slaves only now you are voluntary slaves and not only do you work like a slave but you get taxed on your wages!! Stalin and the Soviet Union wanted people to believe the government should be put before god and freedom. And RT has the soviet agenda. You never hear them debate the corruption of the USSR.The sovereign/freeman on the land stuff and its is very valid and real.  With that said why do they have to pick the biggest idiot to represent. The guy looks like hes baked, come off a drunk, never learned how to talk properly or in a legal mindset.

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