Friday, November 4, 2011

Alfred Adask : for the Government We are Animals

Brothers in arms. The pen is mightier than the sword, knowledge is power, our weapon is truth that cuts through their lies. They attempt to constrict and break our global interchange of truth because they fear exposure such as this. ...actually the "con" virus code is embedded into our language over years of controversy manipulation brainwashing in the news and tv shows portrayed by corporates,and that con is the fraction of the definition of government in our minds,the people are supposed to be the government,NOT the government this the government,by recognizing the government as THEM we gave THEM power,and we have made the declarations of our countrys founders VAIN!!bankers.

Our governments are criminal organisations and killing anybody who works for them is a legitimate target. To burn them alive is the right thing to do. It's painfull and horrible. And screw being fair or full of wise words. It's about the survival of our species. And we must kill them before they kill us. And there is very little time left. Drag Hillary Clinton's dead body through the streets of Washington before throwing it on a burning pile of politicians and

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