Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crossing the Border without ID by Dean Clifford

Dean Clifford explains how you can cross any border without Identification as a sovereign individual. A sovereign human being (natural person) can do a lot of things, including cross the American/Canadian border without a passport. A 'natural person', can legally get out of most civil court cases (including those made by banks/debt collectors etc...) by understanding who the law thinks he is, or more accurately, who/what these cases/claims/charges have been brought against... which is an ALL CAPITALS corporation created as the name that is on your birth certificate.Though it's true, that unless it is done in an aware and educated way, and you can find the remedy/supply your own remedy for the given situation... you will most likely be arrested. When it comes to being in court, you have to show that you are the creditor and not the debtor, or else you will be contracting to represent the all caps corporation and submitting to the laws that govern that corp. A 'natural person' is not subject to the same laws as a 'person'....and the judge is practically the only person that will be aware of what you are talking about. Practically all other people and powers in the chain of command or hierachy of law are not made aware of these things, particularly the sovereignty of the people. ALL americans (unless particular states have corrupted this) are Sovereign on the land. They just need to be made aware of this, of what it means and how it can change their lives for the better.
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