Monday, September 19, 2011

Max Igan - We are naturally born Sovereign

Max Igan : Sovereignty to me is simply knowing who and what you are , it is in the heart it is knowing that you are a creation of God and that there is nothing between you and him , there is no law that you are answerable to other than God's law , you are already sovereign people just do not realize it , ...government are simply public employees they are public servants , If you really look at the whole structure and hierarchy , God created Man , man created Society , Society created Government and Government created Statute Law , so it is way on the food chain , now their turned the table when the government started to control public education , people believe that the government controls everything they are just a bunch of public employees , we have forgotten that we actually control these people , they are not held accountable to anybody .... I do not need Money , Money is just a paper Money is way for keeping people in shortage so that they can't have everything that the earth provides for us , that's all money is it is a Talisman for control

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