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Santos Bonacci : Roman Ecclesiastical Law and Sovereignty

August 11, 2011 Santos Bonacci lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a professional jazz musician. He also runs the website and teaches classes on Astrotheology. In this first hour, we'll talk about Ecclesiastical law. Santos Bonacci explains how over the past two thousand years the Roman cult/empire has set up a system of ownership of all property and souls that exist on this Earth through their Papal bulls and trusts. He'll talk about how enslavement and ownership is their business. Then, he tells us about historical myths and fictional characters that have created deception among the masses. Later, we talk about the priesthood, which is essential for this current system, symbology found in court, common law, mind control and the pope.

Santos Bonacci : Roman Ecclesiastical Law and Sovereignty .Santos Bonacci : Roman Ecclesiastical Law and Sovereignty : Red Ice Radio Interview Aug.,2011 Host: Henrik Palmgren - Santos Bonacci - Roman Ecclesiastical Law & Sovereignty

Santos Bonacci - Reclaiming Dominion

Recorded at the Magpie House in Melbourne, Australia. Santos, Dale Pond has collaborated the works of Russel and Keely. Keely through harmonics discovered to the ether point what these priest chumps are trying to do through smashing things together and failing. The Bohr atom doesn't at all exist, you radiate something it contracts gains a field and deflects radiation this is the basis for the assumed atomic theorem a phenomena. It doesn't at all work practically outside of identifying hydrogen and helium as electrons are decay.

Dominion is Mankind's birthright! Genesis 1: 28. And God blessed them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth." We are born into this world free and Sovereign. Where did we go wrong? The moment we are born there are agencies that are lining up to have us sign and register and give away our sovereignty. For thousands of years now Rome has been making slaves and fools of mankind! The time has come to be free forever from the inventions of the most powerful empire the world has ever known. The inventions of the Kingdom of ideas that is Rome, are; The Julio/ Gregorian Calendar, the Latin Language, Capitalism, Fictional Christianity, Democracy, Cannon Law (Maritime Law), Phoney Money (Fiat currency, interest laden Money) and the Corporation. All of the above are fictional creations of the Elite families of the world, through which Rome has subjugated the whole inhabited Earth. Imperialism is the order of the day, land grabbing, inquisitions, crusades, medicating the masses, Industrial Military Complex, inflation, constant wars, all these are the services that Rome has to offer. Santos shows how we can say no to Rome and be free! How we can reclaim our dignity and dominion and sovereignty by breaking the fictions of Science/ Law/ and Religion. See how Rome has counterfeited all of this earth's original teachings and sciences and has founded and empire on Lies and subversion, perfecting the art of 'Divide and Conquer' and 'Bread and circuses ' Rome's motto is 'He who would be deceived let him be deceived' Santos explains how we can be sovereign and ready for the great awakening that is upon us, in order to be aligned with the loving forces of the universe and not be deceived into being allies of the dark forces that control this world and therefore missing out on the blessings that are imminent. Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for [that day will not come] until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dean Clifford - Making it Simple

Dean Clifford speaks in Chilliwack BC educating the power of knowledge. Once you know what's going on - game over for the bad guys. The good guys win again! By understanding how your voluntary participation in the Canadian government benefits system works, most commonly unwittingly by the individual, in conjunction with summary conviction from corporate kangaroo courts, you will learn to eliminate the confusion and drama in the courtroom before it happens - simply by stating the obvious yet assumed by the "authorities" of the voluntary system. Your live birth record is the only document that has the government's signature on it. Every other form of government ID that the common individual possesses has their own signature on it. Why is this important? What is the difference between a live birth record and a birth certificate? What makes the individual "private" versus "performing a function of government", and when do each apply? At what point do answers become solutions?

if you have a SIN then you are a gov. employee! "government we deserve" Now it is time for YOU to prove your claim that there is no such thing as rights and NOT born equal with unalienable rights. CITIZENS are granted rights and privileges that can be revoked. Are you a citizen? What you are claiming is even against their own oath of office, do you not agree that the judges swore an oath? to Whom? Their selves? Or the supreme creator? Did he give them power over you? Show me the authority.Another great video Dean thanks. I have looked how this stuff

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Freeman and Strawman Explained

The Freeman and Strawman Explained, This video explains who you really are. It's my assumption that a strawman wouldn't lack fiber in his stool. Everyone needs to know this stuff. stay away from the word 'person'. Use man or woman, A Canadian Court ruled that a word cannot be defined by a word ie natural/artificial person. All persons are fictions. The Capital lettering is to distiguish between legal and lawful. If you accept your name in all Capital letters and consent to it then it just means you allow legal commercial law to re present you. Otherwise in any legal action you would not consent to it.

The Birth Certificate is all to do with Maritime law. Same goes for the Family Law court. A marriage certificate means the government is involved in your marrital affairs. We are in a new form of slavery thats used by the Elites to control people. Using copyrighted laws, fake money called legal tender and dumbing people down so so they accept their situation as normal .Govt will multiply in size and powers whether it calls it admiralty or not. Far better to emphasize history of positive vs. negative rights theories of law, the real basis of law. The Founders didn't sit around arguing patriot mythology about "strawmen," they argued about rights, where they come from, and how to secure them by limiting government. And then they got up off their asses and fought the redcoats.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

American destroys passport, police say he's now a free man!

you can renounce anything you like, whether or not any government recognizes your renunciation. Not to mention that this man will never be returning to any place. He committed suicide in protest by self immolation last winter. His belief was that simply strong-arming a population into submission does not make any government legitimate nor any law valid, let alone ethical or proper.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is Sovereignty ?

Sovereignty is actually very simple. they make phoney laws, you either get fooled by it and go along with the corruption - or you stand up and tell them you know its all a joke. and then you exercise your inherent rights.. when you register anything you give it away - i,e the RTA owns your car, the Crown owns your house. We need more people willing to take a stand. get your head around the legal terminology, then you are half way there.. it's about being honorable, but not buying their crap.

Alfred Adask : Corporations are people too

Alfred Adask - The Fictional Person - 18 Nov 2011 Alfred Adask speaking about the fictional person controlling you ."Who's running this country"? The corporations are running this country! The greedy corporations! The word Citizen is synonymous with subject.Every American is a sovereign. Unfortunately most of us have little idea what sovereignty means- The term “citizen,” as understood in our law, is precisely analogous to the term “subject” in the common law, and the change of phrases has entirely resulted from the change of government... United States v. Rhodes (U. S.) 27 Fed. Cas. 7S5, 788 (citing 1 Kent, Comm. 292, note However the STATE is a body politic and a legal fiction and CAN'T lawfully be sovereign to a man. Question everything and everyone. Seek the truth.As to taxes, fuel taxes pay for the roads. You drive, you burn fuel, you pay taxes. The income tax does not run the government. It pays the interest on insane borrowing with our birth certificates as collateral. That is what a knowledgeable sovereign--or anyone--objects to. America can't afford the gov't it is borrowing to have. Must cut back

Sovereign Citizens - Anti-government American extremists who don't pay taxes and ignore requirements like social security cards and drivers licenses and who don't pledge an allegiance to any government are growing fast in numbers.. Called sovereign citizens, some have become violent and the FBI considers them a domestic terror threat. Byron Pitts reports. Clem Taylor is the producer.WE ARE ALL SOVEREIGN...PERIOD YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY YOUR YOUR WAY YOU DONT HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION...THE MONEY YOU ALL SPEAK OF...TAXPAYER'S MONEY...THE PEOPLE'S MONEY...IT'S NOT OURS IT IS THEIRS...THEY JUST LET US TOUCH IT...THEY PRINT IT...THEY OWN IT...AND WE PAY THE DEBT ON IT...WAKE UP FLUORIDATED PEOPLE !!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Alfred Adask on The Freedom Link Radio - 11/9/11

Alfred Adask is the publisher of the AntiShyster News Magazine. Adask is the founder of one of the largest legal reform organizations, Citizens for Legal Reform. He ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1992 and received 201,000 votes. Earlier this year, he was the target of a CBS 60 Minutes hit piece on the Sovereign Citizen movement. In response, Adask penned a piece entitled "Am I About To Be Labeled a 'Domestic Terrorist'?" Now this is scary, the first message of 10 messages of the Georgia Guidestones indicates a desired human population to be below 500,000,000. After listening to Alfred Adask revealing stage 3 of 8 stages of genocide, which indicates the dehumanization of people. If the globalists refer themselves as gods and the rest of humanity as animals then I see trouble brewing. This is dangerous thinking in part of the globalists.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Alfred Adask : for the Government We are Animals

Brothers in arms. The pen is mightier than the sword, knowledge is power, our weapon is truth that cuts through their lies. They attempt to constrict and break our global interchange of truth because they fear exposure such as this. ...actually the "con" virus code is embedded into our language over years of controversy manipulation brainwashing in the news and tv shows portrayed by corporates,and that con is the fraction of the definition of government in our minds,the people are supposed to be the government,NOT the government this the government,by recognizing the government as THEM we gave THEM power,and we have made the declarations of our countrys founders VAIN!!bankers.

Our governments are criminal organisations and killing anybody who works for them is a legitimate target. To burn them alive is the right thing to do. It's painfull and horrible. And screw being fair or full of wise words. It's about the survival of our species. And we must kill them before they kill us. And there is very little time left. Drag Hillary Clinton's dead body through the streets of Washington before throwing it on a burning pile of politicians and

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crossing the Border without ID by Dean Clifford

Dean Clifford explains how you can cross any border without Identification as a sovereign individual. A sovereign human being (natural person) can do a lot of things, including cross the American/Canadian border without a passport. A 'natural person', can legally get out of most civil court cases (including those made by banks/debt collectors etc...) by understanding who the law thinks he is, or more accurately, who/what these cases/claims/charges have been brought against... which is an ALL CAPITALS corporation created as the name that is on your birth certificate.Though it's true, that unless it is done in an aware and educated way, and you can find the remedy/supply your own remedy for the given situation... you will most likely be arrested. When it comes to being in court, you have to show that you are the creditor and not the debtor, or else you will be contracting to represent the all caps corporation and submitting to the laws that govern that corp. A 'natural person' is not subject to the same laws as a 'person'....and the judge is practically the only person that will be aware of what you are talking about. Practically all other people and powers in the chain of command or hierachy of law are not made aware of these things, particularly the sovereignty of the people. ALL americans (unless particular states have corrupted this) are Sovereign on the land. They just need to be made aware of this, of what it means and how it can change their lives for the better.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Alfred Adask on The Big Legal Secret

constitutionalist Alfred Adask speaks about a 60 Minutes hit piece demonizing patriots as domestic terrorists. Mr. Adask was interviewed by CBS for the piece. On Sunday, Adask wrote Am I About To Be Labeled a "Domestic Terrorist"? and about the Liberty Dollar raid in 2007 and the conviction of its founder, Bernard von NotHaus, who was charged with "making, possessing and selling his own coins" in competition with the private banker cartel, the Federal Reserve. "While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country," the Justice Department said about the case.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alfred Adask : we are nothing but Cattle to Them!

Infowars talks with constitutionalist Alfred Adask about the Liberty Dollar raid in 2007 and the conviction of its founder, Bernard von NotHaus, who was charged with "making, possessing and selling his own coins" in competition with the private banker cartel, the Federal Reserve. Alfred Adask, the publisher of the AntiShyster News Magazine. Adask is the founder of one of the largest legal reform organizations, Citizens for Legal Reform. He ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1992 and received 201,000 votes. Earlier this year, he was the target of a CBS 60 Minutes hit piece on the Sovereign Citizen movement. In response, Adask penned a piece entitled "Am I About To Be Labeled a 'Domestic Terrorist'?" "While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country," the Justice Department said about the case.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Max Igan - We are naturally born Sovereign

Max Igan : Sovereignty to me is simply knowing who and what you are , it is in the heart it is knowing that you are a creation of God and that there is nothing between you and him , there is no law that you are answerable to other than God's law , you are already sovereign people just do not realize it , ...government are simply public employees they are public servants , If you really look at the whole structure and hierarchy , God created Man , man created Society , Society created Government and Government created Statute Law , so it is way on the food chain , now their turned the table when the government started to control public education , people believe that the government controls everything they are just a bunch of public employees , we have forgotten that we actually control these people , they are not held accountable to anybody .... I do not need Money , Money is just a paper Money is way for keeping people in shortage so that they can't have everything that the earth provides for us , that's all money is it is a Talisman for control

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alfred Adask on the Alex Jones Show 13 Sept 2011

Alex Jones welcomes to the show Alfred Adask , the publisher of the AntiShyster News Magazine. Adask is the founder of one of the largest legal reform organizations, Citizens for Legal Reform. He ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1992 and received 201,000 votes. Earlier this year, he was the target of a CBS 60 Minutes hit piece on the Sovereign Citizen movement. In response, Adask penned a piece entitled "Am I About To Be Labeled a 'Domestic Terrorist'?" Common, USA. If your of age, get your ass out there in 2012 and VOTE RON PAUL. Seriously. Im from Canada and it fucking pains me soo bad that I can legally vote in the USA. Im even scar

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exercising Your Sovereignty

The guest on this Freedomlink Radio show is Chaska Denny of the United Nations of Turtle Island. Fascinating information on this show that people interested in sovereignty should look into.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sovereign Independent Meeting - Alan Watt

Recorded in June 2011. Sovereign Independent Meeting - Alan Watt

Alan Watt continues to divulge his fascinating in-depth insights into how culture is created from the top down and used by the elite to manipulate and pervert natural human instincts towards their own ends. Every change in culture, right down to fashion and music, points out Watt citing Plato, had to be authorized and promoted from the top. This science of mass mind control is still taught today by the insiders and mediums such as television are used as weapons of social control to prevent humanity from ever realizing its full potential. Watt talks about how the elite technocrats plan for the long term, in 50, 100 and even 150 year cycles in which to implement the different aspects of their agenda, and how each cultural shift was deliberately timed to be implemented at a certain time. The current cultural bombardment surrounds the emergence of neo-eugenics, with big foundations and organizations like the Optimum Population Trust pushing the idea that humans are superfluous, virus-like, and therefore worthless. Watt discusses how sperm counts across Europe and America have dropped at an alarming rate of up to 80 per cent over the past 50 years, and how the media's complete ignorance of this crisis proves that it was authorized as a deliberate program of de-population. Watt traces the program back to its origins in the 1950's, where synthetic female hormones like estrogen were put in baby foods by companies like Proctor and Gamble, as well as baby milk bottles washed with Bisphenol A, the very substance that attacks male genitalia and prevents it from developing properly. Watt also outlines how Bisphenol A in women's cosmetic products contributes to toxifying their bodies, leading to an environment for male babies that leads them to have a reduced sperm count or even become sterile.The foundation of the agenda can be discovered in the writings of people like Bertrand Russell and the Huxley brothers, who talked about the need to sterilize the masses as far back as the 1930's. Watt also divulges how the elite's ultimate goal for every human allowed to be born is for them to serve the state and be deceived into accepting this enslavement as a natural form of existence. The elite's greatest fear is that the "inferiors" will out-breed the "superiors," which is why they continually push neo-eugenics and are obsessed with inter-breeding to keep their own genetics intellectually pure.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dean Clifford : Being A Sovereign with Trust Law Freeman On The Land

If you are a slave of the Crown, Yes i know people believe they are FREE but they are NOT, the Birth Certificate is your receipt for your enslavement BUT..... there is another secret that has been hidden in plain sight for a very long time. My land is claimed and under my coat of arms and flag as is the right of all peoples of this world. This is my nation and my embassy of which I am an Ambassador-at-large. My choice is to be at peace with all my brethren on this planet, where ALL are equal under the laws of creation, our birthright absolute to claim. Once you know who you are and only then, will you be free to live your life in abundance with all equally. As a freeman myself, this is by far the simplest and hence most effective explanation i've found, Lawful Rebellion, forget the longwinded NOUICOR's, I've an unrebutted Affidavit that I failed in Court not the other way round, my ignorance cost me my home,with this info my Affidavit would've wiped the floor with them. stand up, dust down and soldier on. Keep it simple stupid.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Drivers License Scam - Rod Class

Rod Class gets into the "nuts" and bolts of his right to travel issue in North Carolina. u dont need to be a lawyer to understand the law, just read understand. and dont let them scare u. cause they have to obey the law 2. i have so much respect for the sir in the interview ; try this question: "Who is the State? Where is the State?" I don't see Mr. STATE anywhere..."We the People" are here on the land. Dont go out in the water with the "pirates" and argue statutes!! Maritime law or statutory law IS NOT LAW. In common law, which this country was founded on, there must be an injured party for a crimminal action. driving on a suspended license is not a crime... where is the injury? yes Article 6 sec 1 California Constitution : ... all courts are courts of record. All courts of record must proceed the course of the common law. If there is no injury there is no crime. thats why the whole statutory system is vouluntary... dont enter a plea! just object. they have no jurisdiction.If anyone goes to their DOT codes they will find this all is true. 90 % of the freely owned autos on the road does not even need to be "registered". This is fact not fiction. Those "DOT municipalities etc." are fictions, Commerce is what people have been filing their personal conveyances into, and paying for this unwittingly. But hey we are all illuminating exponentially.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Law for Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights

Santos Bonacci explains how Over the past Two thousand years the Roman Cult/Empire has set up a System of ownership of all property and souls that exists on this earth through their Papal Bulls And Trusts. Enslavement and ownership is their business, literally!!!! All Western Nations 'require' their national citizens 'By Law' to Register their children and aquire a birth certificate! That birth certificate and it numbers that indentify you to it are connected to the Trust (Cestui Que Vie trust) See how it is through this ingenious system that we have all been enslaved. Learn how to free yourself!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alfred Adask - Coast To Coast AM - 28.7.2011 - on the Sovereign Citizens Movement

Alfred Adask - Coast To Coast AM - 28.7.2011 - on the Sovereign Citizens Movement

The Sovereign Citizens Movement:

In the latter half, Alfred Adask, the founder of one of the largest legal reform organizations, Citizens for Legal Reform, discussed his work with the sovereign citizens movement, and how citizens have become "subjects" and enslaved. The movement relates to a fundamental question-- who's in charge? "Is the government the sovereign in this country, or are we-the-people, the sovereign? The government is essentially, saying they're the sovereign and we can do whatever we want," he explained, but the people in the movement disagree, saying they think the government is obligated to do what the people want.

The government tends to label such dissenters as "extremists," but a significant portion of the US population neither likes nor trusts the government, he pointed out. But "we-the-people are the 800 lb. gorilla if we care to get up off the couch and do something. We run this country if we care to assert our authority...But as long as people are prepared to remain complacent," government can continue to do what they're doing, he noted. Adask, who has courted controversy for some of his comments, was recently profiled on 60 Minutes.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Admiralty Maritime Law & The Sovereign Citizen

The Admiralty Maritime Law & The Sovereign Citizen , Look up the Black's law dictionary's definition of human beings. That's the dictionary they use in courts. Its says we are monsters not people.

The Admiralty Maritime Nightmare must come to and end once and for all!

It is the work of Luciferian, Greedy, World Bankers who run the corporate governments of the world and who put more value counterfeit note of debt than a human life, and it shall not stand for long in the light of GOD and his children!

We love the natural and beautiful land where we domicile in Continental America, and we love all people and we desire peace and joy and harmony for all of mankind. We shall not pledge allegiance to any FOREIGN CORPORATE STATE whose sole agenda is to profit from and control its people with the threat of economic hardship, prison, torture and even death. If this is what it means to be a proud CITIZEN, we shall not be such. We do not wish to participate or play any more evil games with this soulless ENTITY. We are The Sovereign People of GOD and we stand in our position with the creator standing behind us! We shall not move from our right to stand as a free men and women! Nothing we write about is meant for any harm to any being or anything, and all that we teach is from LOVE and is to be conducted in a lawful and peaceful manner!
You see, we shall not fear the one who would do this because he has no knowledge or light and is lost in ignorance and by his own actions is already condemned! In this, we shall reign and the ruler of this world has already been judged! It is of no concern to us! Here is a good word and a true saying to help with the fear of stepping forward into personal freedom in Christ: "But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing." James 1:25 This says to us that if after you become Free and do not return back to FEAR, then you will be blessed and there is no more need to fear, but to act only in courage. One must go through all the psychological steps of grieving when you come out of the this illusionary nightmare. This is what the Master Teacher meant when he said "come out of the world" and "come out of her for she is unclean! The bible will makes sense to you now because this is exactly the knowledge that has been sealed up until now, so really no-one could have fully understood this mystery in the past and we were truly lulled to sleep, and lost and blind, but now we can see. This is all the stuff that Christ taught, go and hear his words for yourself! We would like to recommend searching for more resources by Gordan Hall, Jack Smith, Tim Tuner, Sam Kennedy, Doug Riddle, Mary Croft, Jordan Maxwell, Winston Shrout, and Robert Menard on the subject of Sovereignty and Personal freedoms! All of these individuals are MASTER SOVEREIGN Teachers.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reclaim Your Sovereignty - Eric Lovely

Thinking that you need to reclaim or establish your sovereignty is proof that you don't quite get sovereignty. Did the so called "government", in fact a corporation, "create" a strawman when they created your unilateral contract birth certificate? No, they USED a strawman in trust creation, what they created is an ens legis person, a corporate trust. It is not a "fictitious person" as it is real, on paper. You're the beneficiary. They offer you benefits/services. You can change the terms.

"I am what I am. In having faith in the beauty within me. I develop trust. In softness I have strength. In silence I walk with the gods. In peace I understand myself &the world. In conflict I walk away. In detachment I am free. In respecting all living things, I respect myself.......In freedom I have power. In my individuality I express the God-force within me. In service I give of what I have become. I am what I am. Eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. And so be it. " Stuart Wilde
I am above the law because the law is not who I am. No law defines me that has been laid upon me by my fellow man. Divine law, which I clearly have little understanding of, is all that truly defines or governs me as a sentient soul, who happens to have this physical body to inhabit (for now). While upon Earth, I was born a free sentient soul within that body, and over time, I was duped into a system of lies and "laws" to govern the lies. I am Sovereign, the sentient being.
Please see "Slavery By Consent" by Bushwackk
We must unplug from the war machine and Restoring Common Law is the key to restoring our true freedom and unplugging.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Robert Menard : Persons Are not People

Lesson Three of Fundamentals of Freedom brought to you by The World Freeman Society and Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur of the Menard Family.
movie stars and race car drivers make money with their name. There has been court cases where the average joe could not copyright it cause they could show no use of it in commerce. Also, how do you stop others from using it? An artist named Cher can stop another artist from using the name Cher. YOU CAN'T! Keep slinging mud, Allen Boisjolii.

Awesome!! I have tried to explain this to people and they drive me NUTS with their blank stares!! I think we are to close in relationship. Maybe coming from someone else they will listen better??? One can only hope!

Thanx Robert!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My country is the WORLD

Sovereign World Citizen Garry Davis Crosses Canada-USA Border With World Passport . In 1948, Garry Davis inspired the U.N. to create the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, signed by every nation. The World Goverment of World Citizen's are based on these rights. Albert Einstein was a world citizen along with a million other individuals around the world. 160 nations have accepted the World Passport.his information can be cross referenced with freeman, moors and others. The borders are purely cosmetic. Everyone has the right to travel according to article the Declaration of Human Rights (signed in 1948 by the UN) We need to spread the word!  The more we insist on our rights the more likely we will have them! One thing that helps is to get a World Passport and read more at World Service Authority. Now, at any time your nation can deny you from traveling; Although the government of Cuba permits U.S. citizens to visit, the U.S. restricts its citizens from traveling there.

All this denying going on here makes my head spin....this is the facts for all those who are misinformed. Regular passports, which are blue, reference the current Maritime Admiralty structure of today's societal law,also known as the law of the Sea. You have restriction on these passports from jump. World citizen passports reference pre existing common law, also known as the law of the land, which consequently is the reason it is brown. It's the color of the naked earth...before she was dressed

Thursday, June 30, 2011

John Harris - Deceptions of the Law Society Legalese

John Harris - Deceptions of the Law Society Legalese , a presentation by John Harris of The People's United Community ( John is a man of great principle and as straight forward as a man could be. John Harris gives us his perspective on what's going on. He describes how we are economic slaves to a debt dependant system, notably achieved through the deception of the birth certificate and the creation of a legal fiction known as your 'PERSON'. It is this PERSON that the government then wields it's control upon. Although John points out that this arrangement only works when we consent.Unfortunately inaction is taken as consent, hence we have unwittingly surrendered our inalienable rights through identifying with the PERSON. Remember you are a human being with god given rights, all you have to do is claim them.Also the difference between a policeman and a police officer is described.Filmed at the The British Constitution Group Lawful Rebellion Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on the 24th January 2009.

typical sheeple remark, if you dont like the country leave it...well in a free country the PEOPLE are the sovereigns and it's up to the public SERVANTS to do the will of the people, and protect their natural born rights and liberties, not take them away. As for being in the service and fighting for country and freedom, in wars bought and paid for by the powers that should read a book by someone else who was in the service, Marine General Smedley Butler "War Is a Racket"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Robert Menard : How you have been deceived

Robert Menard : How you have been deceived to give up your rights and accept slavery
Like others, I was all hyped up about following the entire course.I've known all this bs being done to us is wrong... I've bitched about it for years wondering what could be done about it without overthrowing the that im hearing the freeman, and a few other people that are saying i can get out of this bs system on my own, im trying my best to learn as much from them as i can, and trying to understand legal terminology (which i loath trying to learn), but by god, i hate being oppressed so much , its the least i can do I LOVE Mr. Menard. I've been chasing my sovereignty for over 15 yrs, only within the last 2 months I've really committed to it

1. If you submit to anyone other than God, then you are no more than a child.

2. The gov is nothing more than a piece of paper written by greedy blabbering idiots upon which PERSONS can claim party to the document and act WITHIN ITS CAPACITY.


Lesson 1, Introduction - Fundamentals of Freedom - Robert Menard

Lesson 1, Introduction to the Fundamentals of Freedom by Robert Menard You are not your name. Your name is simply a title. This title is registered and owned by another entity. So the question is: Do you recognize yourself as FREE or do you recognize the owner of your name to be your AUTHORITY thereby owning you? The most fundamental question of all: What is the underlying law of nature.

As the way of all things, what effect do you suppose its question, knowledge, understanding and application by billions of persons would have on the state of global economics, science, the humanities, education, government and business?
in a fiat money system, we operate in a split title system, equitable title holder has the right to use and sell the property while legal title holder has the right to control the property. your car and house are examples of this. you hold equitable while the county holds legal. it is true that Rothschilds hold a lot of equitable title, VATICAN HOLDS ALL LEGAL TITLE.

There is no reason why you can't hold a passport from what i know of, we have done a bit of research into this very subject and found that in the uk you do not need a birth certificate to obtain a passport, you can simply send them post natal doctors records, and as many school records as you can and a copy of a signed birth affidavit (not a certificate) and they have to send you a passport, i guess its because they cant stop your common law rights to travel...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is a freeman on the land

Robert Menard on being a freeman on the land is , differentiate between statutes and law , do not consent for being an agent and an employee of the state , they operate on deception they play on the meanings of the words , we can beat them in their own game .....

Robert Menard : How to beat the State in its own game

The Magnificent Deception, NWO Police State ∞ Freeman on the Land : In this lecture by the Freeman on the Land Robert Menard you will learn :
that words mean things , words are important they have meanings so pay attention to what you say do not act on presumptions
Always treat the peace officers and law enforcers with compatience they are human beings with feelings most of the time they ignore the laws they are bound by the laws , we are not as freeman , use they books against them , always ask them if 'they are operating legally or lawfully" ask them if they want your legal name or lawful name when asked 'what is your name' do not give your last name if they are acting lawfully , you can give your family name . you have power over them .you are a sinner the very first day you accepted a social security number because you became an employee of the corporation Canada so you accepted to abide by their rules you are a government agent . Never give your birth date tell them I was not counting by then learn with Robert Menard how you can travel between country / jurisdictions without a passport may be using your family bible .Always ask the cops about their IDs a business card and a badge , they have to show you their IDs you do not , beat the State in its own game find remedies against the law in the law

Monday, June 20, 2011

Irene Maus - Choosing Freedom

(C)Irene-Maus:GravenhorstTM explains to viewers of her Choosing Freedom series her whole story, sitting down to explain the events that led to the April/May 2006 events shown in the other Choosing Freedom videos. Hopefully this answers questions and clarifies things for detractors.we are all born of water & under maritime law of water(pirate law). when u are born your mothers water breaks & u move up the birth canal.the doc signs your birth-cert which reg's u with the bank as new stock.the bank float your birth-cert as a bond on the stock market & it accumilates money for the bank. you dont live in a country u live in a corporation.u are the stock of the corporation.u can claim your bond & get all the money .This woman is so inspiring and eloquent. Being subject to admiralty law also means you are subject to all statutory "laws". And bankers together with their lawyer friends can make up any legislation they want.Speeding tickets are just the tip of the ice berg, there are around 40 million statutory "laws" in the US.And you should be able to make your own travel documents by contacting the government of the country you want to visit because that is essentially what your government does for you with the passport.
I am intrigued by her distinctiveness! Finally I found some living prove that we can free ourselves! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Freeman on the Land - NWO Police State Deceptions & Solutions

Freeman On The Land Movement Robert Menard : Claim your notice of intent and right, define your reality.did you know that The number on the back of your birth certificate is a bond tracking number and evidences money the government received when you were registered. Canada is a corporation and registered as one in the Securities Exchange Commission. ?
Robert Menard has released another very informative film for all to learn from! This time he gets into some serious police state issues, Death and Tasers. Real life court experiences, Freeman victories. There's interviews, Rob on stage, street and police footage. He covers a lot of ground on policing issues, unraveling the behind-the-scenes manipulation the police are programmed with.
Ever wonder what that number on the back of your Birth Certificate is. Its your Bond that they created when your birth was registered. Learn how to pay or off-set debt ie. student loans, traffic tickets etc., by accessing your Bond = Security of the Person.

Learn the Governmental Deception. Learn the difference between English and Legalese. Find out that the courts are not Courts of Justice but of Commerce and run not on Common Law but the Law of the High Sea's = Maritime Law = Admiralty Law. Find out about the artificial Entity they Created with your Name ( all in High cap's) when your parents registered you.

Accepted For Value - Winston Shrout

Accepted For Value ∞ Winston Shrout

How To Pay No Tax Legally

How To Pay No Tax Legally

Thatcher sold all of Britain's silver, Brown sold all of it's gold, and now wood is next on the list .this is a corporate takeover for those who are still asleep, Britain is under attack and in more danger than any other time previously, every PM in the last 40 years has been a bilderberg attendee, a high degree freemason and compounding treason for some reason the British just will not find our backbone, surely we can't be so far gone as not to understand these simple issues ? .. maybe not, trouble is we are too lazy & would rather Someone Else do the head/mind work, we just can’t be bothered !

Too comfy wrapped up in our selfish bubbles to realise we’re being well & truly screwed.

Legal loopholes are not the answer. They can be closed at the whim of the corporation. No fictitious entity ever created anything in the natural world. Therefore the forest belongs to its creator. Since we were placed here by that same power & granted dominion we all have an unalienable right to access & share every resource on this abundant planet. The abuse of our dominion by attempting to take or control more than each personally needs is what leads to monopolization & deprivation

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The United States is a Corporation not a country

Learn the truth about your citizenship. THE U.S is a corporation . THE BOOK THEY NEVER WANTED YOU TO READ , the Vatican controls the Royalty, the Royalty own the foreign banks, the foreign banks own corporate America, and corporate America owns our strawman and tricked us into contracting into the identity (strawman/all caps name on your bills/ss card).The churches of the world are there to scare people into submission, they have no other way of maintaining control on all fronts.CANADA is also a franchise of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION .ALL Documents, written down, are nothing more that tools of deception to make one person believe it is beholding or indebted to another. A trick to make you believe you're a slave. Free your mind from this. WAKE UP! Written contracts are NOT worth the paper they're written on! The only thing that can make you beholding to another is YOU and your 'beliefs'! Remember, the ONLY thing you have to do, whether alive or dead, is... take up space! And that's ALL you HAVE to do. FACT! Be Free!

for your insight, The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg.113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288)

The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654)

The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain. (IRS Publication 6209)

Social Security is voluntary

Debate question directed to Rep. Ron Paul asking how he would inform citizen workers of the voluntary nature of their participation in Social Security.You Social Security Insurance makes you an employee of the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It is held in trust by the Queen of England. It is a control mechanism used to grant a de facto government authority over it's corporate franchisee's otherwise known as you. That's what gives their by-laws and statutes the "power OF law". There is no law unless you contract an agreement that they do have authority over you to say that you are subject to their laws.
The way I found out that participation in Social Security is voluntary for US citizens is I went to a local Social Security office and I ASKED them. It took some doing but with persistence and insistence, and a demand it be put in writing, I now have a letter that confirms the voluntary nature of participation in Social Security by the sovereign citizens (14th amendment or not) of the several States of the united States. You could do the same if you were so inclined.

No one is required to give a cop an ID. Although the cop may be ignorant of this fact, he could be sued for damages as a result of violating the law.
Those things do not require a Social Security Number. In fact, the SSN is not even yours. Look on the back of the card. It must be returned upon request. This makes that SSN a trust owned by the SSA and Corp. U.S. The SSN is merely a capacity in which on may act if he or she chooses to. Your true relationship is that you are the trustee who can act for the trust. But it is never you who is acting. To do things you describe you must know the law and how to apply it. Send message fore more

Alan Watt - The Freeman Perspective Interview 10-18-07

Alan Watt on The Freeman Perspective. Recorded on October 18th, 2007 in Austin, Texas.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Voluntary Servitude by Deception

The United States is not a country but a corporation , you are citizen of your state . As an American born you are sovereign by birth , unless you voluntarily subject to servitude and give up your status of free born citizen.Did the 13th and 14th Amendments free the slaves or make us ALL slaves? What is the paradigm-shifting truth hidden in the words used by our lawyers and politicians? Why are we now US Citizens instead of free men and women in our free and sovereign Republics?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alfred Adask on the Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones talks with constitutionalist Alfred Adask about a 60 Minutes hit piece demonizing patriots as domestic terrorists. Mr. Adask was interviewed by CBS for the piece. On Sunday, Adask wrote Am I About To Be Labeled a "Domestic Terrorist"?

There is some reason to believe that I may soon be portrayed as a "domestic terrorist". This article is intended to blunt that portrayal.

• Last Friday, I received notice from the TV program 60 Minutes that today, Sunday, May 15th, A.D. 2011, (about 35 minutes from now) they'd air a segment that includes me. I haven't seen the segment, so I don't know how I'll be portrayed—but I have reason to believe that I may be cast in a false light and/or defamed by tomorrow's program.

The cause for my concern is the 60 Minutes description of the segment on their "Up Next" webpage:

"Sovereign Citizens - Anti-government American extremists who don't pay taxes and ignore requirements like social security cards and drivers licenses are on the rise. Called sovereign citizens, some have become violent and the FBI considers them a domestic terror threat. Byron Pitts reports. Clem Taylor is the producer."
Our Government is out of line, if you say any thing against the government you will disappear, there has been quite a few who have disappear we no longer have the right of freedom of speech. The Police walked into my house before just walked in did not knock just open the door knob and walked in. They said we called them but my phone was broken so that was a lie. I do not deal drugs or anything that would be against the law. They even had a Sheriff waiting at my back door to make sure no left.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Claim your liberty , live debt free and off the grid

Claim your liberty , live debt free and off the grid be a freeman on the land : How to opt out of the the system live off the grid the government grid , the freeman on the land / sovereign citizens philosophy is becoming trendy , more people are trying to opt out of the government control leave the matrix live the real American dream and taste the real freedom , but freedom comes with a price , freedom is never free....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

Inspirational seminar given by Johnny Liberty. Frequent as necessary for full understanding. Johnny Liberty weaves complex and interesting concepts concisely! Enjoy!

lets all take some responsibility here. realize that we were the ones who let them in office. if not then was there not more that we could have done to prevent it? back to the military issue we have to invade other countries when we realize a uture threat because if not that threat becomes a reality. then we question why our govt didn't see this coming. we have to strategically place our military around the world in preparation for what could happen. you can bet your ass there are much more if we become self sufficient we become targets. if we cut our selves off from external sources then everyone who still depends on those sources are their slaves. these sources can then use their oil and resources to regulate these slaves into their own private army capable of a global threat. we must set up shop over seas to let them know look if you think about hitting our homeland were right here beside you waiting, so you better think twice, you have to look through to the bigger picture

Sovereign citizens, of the United States

A group of people have begun to declare themselves sovereign from the United States government. The problem, they live inside the United States legally. The sovereign citizens have created original identification and declare their homes as embassies. J.M Sovereign God-sent is with Alyona, who you can guess, says he is sovereign from the United States.Obviously RT wants to discredit the sovereign movement. They always have the most unique and uneducated hippy on these shows to talk about being a sovereign citizen just to make them look like a bunch of looney tunes... I mean being a sovereign citizen is legal they need to put people on that can actually explain these laws. But they don't want that!! People understand that the 14th Amendment makes you slaves only now you are voluntary slaves and not only do you work like a slave but you get taxed on your wages!! Stalin and the Soviet Union wanted people to believe the government should be put before god and freedom. And RT has the soviet agenda. You never hear them debate the corruption of the USSR.The sovereign/freeman on the land stuff and its is very valid and real.  With that said why do they have to pick the biggest idiot to represent. The guy looks like hes baked, come off a drunk, never learned how to talk properly or in a legal mindset.

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