Friday, August 19, 2011

The Drivers License Scam - Rod Class

Rod Class gets into the "nuts" and bolts of his right to travel issue in North Carolina. u dont need to be a lawyer to understand the law, just read understand. and dont let them scare u. cause they have to obey the law 2. i have so much respect for the sir in the interview ; try this question: "Who is the State? Where is the State?" I don't see Mr. STATE anywhere..."We the People" are here on the land. Dont go out in the water with the "pirates" and argue statutes!! Maritime law or statutory law IS NOT LAW. In common law, which this country was founded on, there must be an injured party for a crimminal action. driving on a suspended license is not a crime... where is the injury? yes Article 6 sec 1 California Constitution : ... all courts are courts of record. All courts of record must proceed the course of the common law. If there is no injury there is no crime. thats why the whole statutory system is vouluntary... dont enter a plea! just object. they have no jurisdiction.If anyone goes to their DOT codes they will find this all is true. 90 % of the freely owned autos on the road does not even need to be "registered". This is fact not fiction. Those "DOT municipalities etc." are fictions, Commerce is what people have been filing their personal conveyances into, and paying for this unwittingly. But hey we are all illuminating exponentially.

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