Monday, December 12, 2011

Dean Clifford - Making it Simple

Dean Clifford speaks in Chilliwack BC educating the power of knowledge. Once you know what's going on - game over for the bad guys. The good guys win again! By understanding how your voluntary participation in the Canadian government benefits system works, most commonly unwittingly by the individual, in conjunction with summary conviction from corporate kangaroo courts, you will learn to eliminate the confusion and drama in the courtroom before it happens - simply by stating the obvious yet assumed by the "authorities" of the voluntary system. Your live birth record is the only document that has the government's signature on it. Every other form of government ID that the common individual possesses has their own signature on it. Why is this important? What is the difference between a live birth record and a birth certificate? What makes the individual "private" versus "performing a function of government", and when do each apply? At what point do answers become solutions?

if you have a SIN then you are a gov. employee! "government we deserve" Now it is time for YOU to prove your claim that there is no such thing as rights and NOT born equal with unalienable rights. CITIZENS are granted rights and privileges that can be revoked. Are you a citizen? What you are claiming is even against their own oath of office, do you not agree that the judges swore an oath? to Whom? Their selves? Or the supreme creator? Did he give them power over you? Show me the authority.Another great video Dean thanks. I have looked how this stuff
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