Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alfred Adask - Coast To Coast AM - 28.7.2011 - on the Sovereign Citizens Movement

Alfred Adask - Coast To Coast AM - 28.7.2011 - on the Sovereign Citizens Movement

The Sovereign Citizens Movement:

In the latter half, Alfred Adask, the founder of one of the largest legal reform organizations, Citizens for Legal Reform, discussed his work with the sovereign citizens movement, and how citizens have become "subjects" and enslaved. The movement relates to a fundamental question-- who's in charge? "Is the government the sovereign in this country, or are we-the-people, the sovereign? The government is essentially, saying they're the sovereign and we can do whatever we want," he explained, but the people in the movement disagree, saying they think the government is obligated to do what the people want.

The government tends to label such dissenters as "extremists," but a significant portion of the US population neither likes nor trusts the government, he pointed out. But "we-the-people are the 800 lb. gorilla if we care to get up off the couch and do something. We run this country if we care to assert our authority...But as long as people are prepared to remain complacent," government can continue to do what they're doing, he noted. Adask, who has courted controversy for some of his comments, was recently profiled on 60 Minutes.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Admiralty Maritime Law & The Sovereign Citizen

The Admiralty Maritime Law & The Sovereign Citizen , Look up the Black's law dictionary's definition of human beings. That's the dictionary they use in courts. Its says we are monsters not people.

The Admiralty Maritime Nightmare must come to and end once and for all!

It is the work of Luciferian, Greedy, World Bankers who run the corporate governments of the world and who put more value counterfeit note of debt than a human life, and it shall not stand for long in the light of GOD and his children!

We love the natural and beautiful land where we domicile in Continental America, and we love all people and we desire peace and joy and harmony for all of mankind. We shall not pledge allegiance to any FOREIGN CORPORATE STATE whose sole agenda is to profit from and control its people with the threat of economic hardship, prison, torture and even death. If this is what it means to be a proud CITIZEN, we shall not be such. We do not wish to participate or play any more evil games with this soulless ENTITY. We are The Sovereign People of GOD and we stand in our position with the creator standing behind us! We shall not move from our right to stand as a free men and women! Nothing we write about is meant for any harm to any being or anything, and all that we teach is from LOVE and is to be conducted in a lawful and peaceful manner!
You see, we shall not fear the one who would do this because he has no knowledge or light and is lost in ignorance and by his own actions is already condemned! In this, we shall reign and the ruler of this world has already been judged! It is of no concern to us! Here is a good word and a true saying to help with the fear of stepping forward into personal freedom in Christ: "But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing." James 1:25 This says to us that if after you become Free and do not return back to FEAR, then you will be blessed and there is no more need to fear, but to act only in courage. One must go through all the psychological steps of grieving when you come out of the this illusionary nightmare. This is what the Master Teacher meant when he said "come out of the world" and "come out of her for she is unclean! The bible will makes sense to you now because this is exactly the knowledge that has been sealed up until now, so really no-one could have fully understood this mystery in the past and we were truly lulled to sleep, and lost and blind, but now we can see. This is all the stuff that Christ taught, go and hear his words for yourself! We would like to recommend searching for more resources by Gordan Hall, Jack Smith, Tim Tuner, Sam Kennedy, Doug Riddle, Mary Croft, Jordan Maxwell, Winston Shrout, and Robert Menard on the subject of Sovereignty and Personal freedoms! All of these individuals are MASTER SOVEREIGN Teachers.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reclaim Your Sovereignty - Eric Lovely

Thinking that you need to reclaim or establish your sovereignty is proof that you don't quite get sovereignty. Did the so called "government", in fact a corporation, "create" a strawman when they created your unilateral contract birth certificate? No, they USED a strawman in trust creation, what they created is an ens legis person, a corporate trust. It is not a "fictitious person" as it is real, on paper. You're the beneficiary. They offer you benefits/services. You can change the terms.

"I am what I am. In having faith in the beauty within me. I develop trust. In softness I have strength. In silence I walk with the gods. In peace I understand myself &the world. In conflict I walk away. In detachment I am free. In respecting all living things, I respect myself.......In freedom I have power. In my individuality I express the God-force within me. In service I give of what I have become. I am what I am. Eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. And so be it. " Stuart Wilde
I am above the law because the law is not who I am. No law defines me that has been laid upon me by my fellow man. Divine law, which I clearly have little understanding of, is all that truly defines or governs me as a sentient soul, who happens to have this physical body to inhabit (for now). While upon Earth, I was born a free sentient soul within that body, and over time, I was duped into a system of lies and "laws" to govern the lies. I am Sovereign, the sentient being.
Please see "Slavery By Consent" by Bushwackk
We must unplug from the war machine and Restoring Common Law is the key to restoring our true freedom and unplugging.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Robert Menard : Persons Are not People

Lesson Three of Fundamentals of Freedom brought to you by The World Freeman Society and Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur of the Menard Family.
movie stars and race car drivers make money with their name. There has been court cases where the average joe could not copyright it cause they could show no use of it in commerce. Also, how do you stop others from using it? An artist named Cher can stop another artist from using the name Cher. YOU CAN'T! Keep slinging mud, Allen Boisjolii.

Awesome!! I have tried to explain this to people and they drive me NUTS with their blank stares!! I think we are to close in relationship. Maybe coming from someone else they will listen better??? One can only hope!

Thanx Robert!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My country is the WORLD

Sovereign World Citizen Garry Davis Crosses Canada-USA Border With World Passport . In 1948, Garry Davis inspired the U.N. to create the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, signed by every nation. The World Goverment of World Citizen's are based on these rights. Albert Einstein was a world citizen along with a million other individuals around the world. 160 nations have accepted the World Passport.his information can be cross referenced with freeman, moors and others. The borders are purely cosmetic. Everyone has the right to travel according to article the Declaration of Human Rights (signed in 1948 by the UN) We need to spread the word!  The more we insist on our rights the more likely we will have them! One thing that helps is to get a World Passport and read more at World Service Authority. Now, at any time your nation can deny you from traveling; Although the government of Cuba permits U.S. citizens to visit, the U.S. restricts its citizens from traveling there.

All this denying going on here makes my head spin....this is the facts for all those who are misinformed. Regular passports, which are blue, reference the current Maritime Admiralty structure of today's societal law,also known as the law of the Sea. You have restriction on these passports from jump. World citizen passports reference pre existing common law, also known as the law of the land, which consequently is the reason it is brown. It's the color of the naked earth...before she was dressed
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