Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dean Clifford : Being A Sovereign with Trust Law Freeman On The Land

If you are a slave of the Crown, Yes i know people believe they are FREE but they are NOT, the Birth Certificate is your receipt for your enslavement BUT..... there is another secret that has been hidden in plain sight for a very long time. My land is claimed and under my coat of arms and flag as is the right of all peoples of this world. This is my nation and my embassy of which I am an Ambassador-at-large. My choice is to be at peace with all my brethren on this planet, where ALL are equal under the laws of creation, our birthright absolute to claim. Once you know who you are and only then, will you be free to live your life in abundance with all equally. As a freeman myself, this is by far the simplest and hence most effective explanation i've found, Lawful Rebellion, forget the longwinded NOUICOR's, I've an unrebutted Affidavit that I failed in Court not the other way round, my ignorance cost me my home,with this info my Affidavit would've wiped the floor with them. stand up, dust down and soldier on. Keep it simple stupid.

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