Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alfred Adask on the Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones talks with constitutionalist Alfred Adask about a 60 Minutes hit piece demonizing patriots as domestic terrorists. Mr. Adask was interviewed by CBS for the piece. On Sunday, Adask wrote Am I About To Be Labeled a "Domestic Terrorist"?

There is some reason to believe that I may soon be portrayed as a "domestic terrorist". This article is intended to blunt that portrayal.

• Last Friday, I received notice from the TV program 60 Minutes that today, Sunday, May 15th, A.D. 2011, (about 35 minutes from now) they'd air a segment that includes me. I haven't seen the segment, so I don't know how I'll be portrayed—but I have reason to believe that I may be cast in a false light and/or defamed by tomorrow's program.

The cause for my concern is the 60 Minutes description of the segment on their "Up Next" webpage:

"Sovereign Citizens - Anti-government American extremists who don't pay taxes and ignore requirements like social security cards and drivers licenses are on the rise. Called sovereign citizens, some have become violent and the FBI considers them a domestic terror threat. Byron Pitts reports. Clem Taylor is the producer."
Our Government is out of line, if you say any thing against the government you will disappear, there has been quite a few who have disappear we no longer have the right of freedom of speech. The Police walked into my house before just walked in did not knock just open the door knob and walked in. They said we called them but my phone was broken so that was a lie. I do not deal drugs or anything that would be against the law. They even had a Sheriff waiting at my back door to make sure no left.
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