Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Robert Menard : How you have been deceived

Robert Menard : How you have been deceived to give up your rights and accept slavery
Like others, I was all hyped up about following the entire course.I've known all this bs being done to us is wrong... I've bitched about it for years wondering what could be done about it without overthrowing the government....now that im hearing the freeman, and a few other people that are saying i can get out of this bs system on my own, im trying my best to learn as much from them as i can, and trying to understand legal terminology (which i loath trying to learn), but by god, i hate being oppressed so much , its the least i can do I LOVE Mr. Menard. I've been chasing my sovereignty for over 15 yrs, only within the last 2 months I've really committed to it

1. If you submit to anyone other than God, then you are no more than a child.

2. The gov is nothing more than a piece of paper written by greedy blabbering idiots upon which PERSONS can claim party to the document and act WITHIN ITS CAPACITY.

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