Sunday, June 19, 2011

Social Security is voluntary

Debate question directed to Rep. Ron Paul asking how he would inform citizen workers of the voluntary nature of their participation in Social Security.You Social Security Insurance makes you an employee of the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It is held in trust by the Queen of England. It is a control mechanism used to grant a de facto government authority over it's corporate franchisee's otherwise known as you. That's what gives their by-laws and statutes the "power OF law". There is no law unless you contract an agreement that they do have authority over you to say that you are subject to their laws.
The way I found out that participation in Social Security is voluntary for US citizens is I went to a local Social Security office and I ASKED them. It took some doing but with persistence and insistence, and a demand it be put in writing, I now have a letter that confirms the voluntary nature of participation in Social Security by the sovereign citizens (14th amendment or not) of the several States of the united States. You could do the same if you were so inclined.

No one is required to give a cop an ID. Although the cop may be ignorant of this fact, he could be sued for damages as a result of violating the law.
Those things do not require a Social Security Number. In fact, the SSN is not even yours. Look on the back of the card. It must be returned upon request. This makes that SSN a trust owned by the SSA and Corp. U.S. The SSN is merely a capacity in which on may act if he or she chooses to. Your true relationship is that you are the trustee who can act for the trust. But it is never you who is acting. To do things you describe you must know the law and how to apply it. Send message fore more
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