Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lesson 1, Introduction - Fundamentals of Freedom - Robert Menard

Lesson 1, Introduction to the Fundamentals of Freedom by Robert Menard You are not your name. Your name is simply a title. This title is registered and owned by another entity. So the question is: Do you recognize yourself as FREE or do you recognize the owner of your name to be your AUTHORITY thereby owning you? The most fundamental question of all: What is the underlying law of nature.

As the way of all things, what effect do you suppose its question, knowledge, understanding and application by billions of persons would have on the state of global economics, science, the humanities, education, government and business?
in a fiat money system, we operate in a split title system, equitable title holder has the right to use and sell the property while legal title holder has the right to control the property. your car and house are examples of this. you hold equitable while the county holds legal. it is true that Rothschilds hold a lot of equitable title, VATICAN HOLDS ALL LEGAL TITLE.

There is no reason why you can't hold a passport from what i know of, we have done a bit of research into this very subject and found that in the uk you do not need a birth certificate to obtain a passport, you can simply send them post natal doctors records, and as many school records as you can and a copy of a signed birth affidavit (not a certificate) and they have to send you a passport, i guess its because they cant stop your common law rights to travel...
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