Monday, June 20, 2011

Freeman on the Land - NWO Police State Deceptions & Solutions

Freeman On The Land Movement Robert Menard : Claim your notice of intent and right, define your reality.did you know that The number on the back of your birth certificate is a bond tracking number and evidences money the government received when you were registered. Canada is a corporation and registered as one in the Securities Exchange Commission. ?
Robert Menard has released another very informative film for all to learn from! This time he gets into some serious police state issues, Death and Tasers. Real life court experiences, Freeman victories. There's interviews, Rob on stage, street and police footage. He covers a lot of ground on policing issues, unraveling the behind-the-scenes manipulation the police are programmed with.
Ever wonder what that number on the back of your Birth Certificate is. Its your Bond that they created when your birth was registered. Learn how to pay or off-set debt ie. student loans, traffic tickets etc., by accessing your Bond = Security of the Person.

Learn the Governmental Deception. Learn the difference between English and Legalese. Find out that the courts are not Courts of Justice but of Commerce and run not on Common Law but the Law of the High Sea's = Maritime Law = Admiralty Law. Find out about the artificial Entity they Created with your Name ( all in High cap's) when your parents registered you.
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