Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Robert Menard : How to beat the State in its own game

The Magnificent Deception, NWO Police State ∞ Freeman on the Land : In this lecture by the Freeman on the Land Robert Menard you will learn :
that words mean things , words are important they have meanings so pay attention to what you say do not act on presumptions
Always treat the peace officers and law enforcers with compatience they are human beings with feelings most of the time they ignore the laws they are bound by the laws , we are not as freeman , use they books against them , always ask them if 'they are operating legally or lawfully" ask them if they want your legal name or lawful name when asked 'what is your name' do not give your last name if they are acting lawfully , you can give your family name . you have power over them .you are a sinner the very first day you accepted a social security number because you became an employee of the corporation Canada so you accepted to abide by their rules you are a government agent . Never give your birth date tell them I was not counting by then learn with Robert Menard how you can travel between country / jurisdictions without a passport may be using your family bible .Always ask the cops about their IDs a business card and a badge , they have to show you their IDs you do not , beat the State in its own game find remedies against the law in the law

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